Face Value?

What is Oosez all about and why the crazy name? Well, it is actually a contraction / distortion of the the phrase: “Who says?” I have learned that it is never a good idea to accept anything at face value – always question and confirm the source, authenticity and veracity of any “knowledge” that comes your way!

This all started for me back in 2005. My firstborn was about to arrive in August of that year, and I needed to make a decision: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate…it was during the course of my research (I did, by the way, decide AGAINST vaccination – posts on this subject will surely follow…) that I first stumbled upon some “radical” viewpoints on what had occurred on that fateful day – Sep 11 2001 – in New York. Note – it took 4 YEARS before I even had AN INKLING that the “official” narrative on 911 may be a bit off, to say the least:

  • Planes that size CANNOT fly at those speeds at those low altitudes. They climb to 20 000 feet plus in order to be able reach the speeds they fly at!
  • A plane made up mostly of ALUMINUM DOES NOT just melt into a STEEL building Mickey Mouse style.
  • HOW does one hijacker’s passport survive the initial fireball explosion, and the total destruction that followed??
  • Where did the bulk of the material which made up the buildings go? Basic physics dictates that even though the floors apparently “pancaked” down, that volume of material should have physically been there, but it wasn’t??
  • Building 7, which collapsed in the late afternoon, is only the third building IN HISTORY that has totally collapsed as a result of being on fire. The other two were North and South Towers, earlier the same day. Interesting, to say the very least…

These few points that have been raised by others, represent a minuscule fraction of all of the unanswered questions surrounding the actual events of that day, and are presented to expose of the gravity of the misinformation we are so gullible to swallow from the official main stream media sources! I will, in future posts, touch on aspects of this event in more detail, but this post merely serves to introduce the kind of content to expect on this blog site, and why I started it.

Included below is a Youtube clip (courtesy of the 911truthncDotOrg channel) to whet the appetite of anyone curious enough to look in to these things for themselves:


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